Best Cryptocurrency for 2017 – Five Crypto-Coins to Consider Buying this Summer

In this post, we will discuss three cryptocurrencies (also called alt-coins), that you might want to take a close look at and include in your basket.

1. SteemIt

Steemit is the coin behind, a community that earns these coins by generating web content (articles, replies, pictures, and videos). It’s still in Beta, so the user interface isn’t really all that spectacular. The content is actually stored on the blockchain, is based on Graphene, created by Dan Larimer (of BitShares and EOS fame). In the last year, the price has risen from as low as $0.13 to as high as $2.30, and is currently around $1.87.

See chart:

2. Augur

Augur is one of the more promising decntralized applications (dApps) being developed today. It is coined as a “prediction market” but basically, this means gambling. And gambling is big big business. Throw in the fact that the supply is limited at 11 million tokens and you can see the scarcity may motivate a higher price.

Augur might be compared with its director competitor Gnosis, but Auguar seems to be further down the path. Their github repository of its source code also seems to be far more active with the amount of code being written and committed. The Augur beta app still isn’t that impressive. That said, considering they are planning a launch in late summer 2017 there is time for them to apply the final touches. This system will handle smart contracts as well, and that’s perhaps more important than the user interface. The marketcap of Augur has been going up, which is what brought it to my attention. Perhaps they could do a better job of marketing and social media to beef up public awareness.

3. Stratis

Stratis is essentially similar to Etherum, i.e. executing smart contracts. The primary difference is that Stratis will use C# and .net platform integration to create and exeute the smart contracts. Later, they will also support java and javascript API. Stratis is also PoS and segwit ready. I’m enthusiastic about this platform becaus eof the huge base of C# and Java programmers in the world.

4. LiteCoin

I like Litecoin because …
I see it could actually go up in value if the Bitcoin hard fork coming August 1 (2017) goes badly. Litecoin and Bbitcoin development has always been a parent-child sort of relationship. Segwit activation on Litecoin was a landmark and many feel it prompted the upcoming Segwit implementation which could result in the hard fork. There is also a very strong chance of the lightning network being tested on Litecoin first

The community is solid, the exchange presence is huge – including direct fiat to litecoin options. Litecoin was just added to Coinbase in the last few months, making it more easily available and visible to hundreds of thousands of new buyers. It is a great ecosystem, my only criticism is that the marketing is very quiet about it.

5. NEM

NEM is another sleeping giant that is fortunate to have some really cool and unique tech. Specifically, it supports multisignature contracts, built in namespace support, messaging support. Yes, you can actually attach a message to your blockchain transactions. It also is very scalable and has a limited supply. This is always something an investor should look for.

On the negatives, there is some confusion in their naming (XEM/NEM … ) The community is pretty neutral as well and there does not appear to be much excitement related to their technology. Marketing seems to be really quiet as a mouse! I’ve rarely seen anything in advertising, videos, or social media from NEM. Although NEM will be showing at some upcoming blockchain conferences there is no single big event to look forward to this year.

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